Research and prepare for the conditions on the day of the excursion!

Weather in Repovesi National Park

Below is a link to the weather forecast for the Repovesi National Park area.See what kind of weather is expected in Repovesi and Kouvola regions.

Foreca weather forecast

The rise and fall of the moon in the Kouvola area

Through the link below, you can find the service about the rising and setting times of the moon and the phases of the moon at the desired time. The service also contains a lot of other information.

The rising and setting times of the moon

Sunrise and sunset times

You can find the sunrise and sunset times on the desired day from the following link. Write in the window that opens, the place is Repovesi National Park.

The rising and setting of the sun

Warnings / Finnish Meteorological Institute

Here you can find weather-related warnings, such as forest fire and storm warning >>.

Remember that open fires are prohibited during the grass fire danger and forest fire warning! In this case,disposable grills, rice cookers, and making a fire in campfire devices at campfire sites are prohibited.

Campfires may only be made with proper campfire devices in the hut.

If something happens, according to the new law, the igniter is always responsible!

See warnings