Meeting and recreation trips

Meeting and recreation tour, 2 days

A meeting and recreation trip in the surroundings of Repovesi National Park is worth experiencing.

A meeting in a comfortable space, which can be chosen according to the wishes of the group and by size. All necessary services, meeting, meal, program and accommodation services, you can find them through one contact.

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Staff recreational trip

Nature is the best place to refresh. The forest improves the mind, it has been studied.

A recreational trip can consist of guided hiking and canoeing and catering services. There can also be a theme that is explored in more detail, such as wild herbs, mushrooms, or even geocaching.

The day is crowned with good food in the middle of nature by the campfire. Meals are local food and disposable dishes are avoided.

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Team meeting and recreation trip in nature, 1 day

A team meeting and a recreational trip to nature give a new impetus to work. In nature, group members get to know each other and discover new ideas.

The day is built together with the customer, coordinating meeting, activities and meals. Our guide will find you for the meeting a peaceful place in the middle of nature. Good food and paddling together in canoes crown the day.

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Culture and recreation trip, 1 day

You can get interesting cultural content for the day by visiting Lake Vuohijärvi the nature and culture house. Another great destination is Mustila Arboretum.

The excursion can also be done by paddling in Verla’s nature. In this case, the target can be a prehistoric dwelling place and a fine bonfire site there, where we make soot pot coffee and enjoy picnic lunch.

The summer theater in Jaala village operates actively and can also be our the subject of an excursion.

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