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Repojotos has started business on April 1, 2011. The background of the company is solid know-how and experience brought by the company’s founder, Paula Niskala, and carefully selected partners. My addition is also my husband who has long experience as an entrepreneur and manager.

The operating principle of Repojotos is versatile services that are produced together with partners. In this way, we get expertise and extensive resources under the same roof. It is easy for the customer to buy services. You only need one address, Repovesikeskus. You can get all the services you need there.

As a demonstration of its ability, Repojotos already organized an exciting day in English  for nearly a hundred Shanghai University students in the Repovesi National Park. The guests and Aalto University gave ten points as feedback and recommended Repojotos’ services to others.

Repovesi National Park is Repojotos’ core area of operation, but the operation has also expanded to the surrounding area, Verla, Jaala, and the whole Kouvola region. There are many basic tours available as well as unique tours that you can only get from us. Take a closer look at the tours.

The operation has also expanded to the rental of canoes, kayaks and SUP boards, which we operate at Repojotos Paddling Harbor. Transport services can also be included if necessary. Along with the rental business, we also have a canoe shop.

Repojotos is a contract partner of Metsähallitus. This is how we have the right to act in Repovesi National Park, Valkmusa National Park, Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park, Sipoonkorvi National Park, Päijänne National Park and Evohiking area

Activities are carried out in accordance with the principles of sustainable nature tourism. Agreed to that among other things, no littering: What you take to the park, you also take out. For us, this usually also means cleaning up the trash left by others. Another related issue is avoiding the use of disposable containers. It almost always happens to us. Only exceptional circumstances or really large groups may make an exception to this..

You can read about the responsibility of operations on the Repovesikeskus website.

Everything has a story. so also with the birth of Repojotos. It was Paula’s dream for many years. The story of Repojotos Foxcan be instructive for some who have their own dream. You can read the story on our blog.

Repojotos Fox

You can read the Fox Story here>

Repovesi National Park

The park’s signature animal is the fox.